Balsall Heath Birmingham Vigil & Fast

Having taken part in the Just Stop Oil awareness event on Saturday the 12th of March at Balsall Heath Church Centre, the United Church of St Paul’s decided to supprt the campaign by praying and fasting for the earth during Lent.

We invite Christians from other churches to join us. Starting on Wednesday 9 March, we are fasting each Wednesday until Easter Day.

We get up at 5.45am and start praying with a Bible verse related to the earth at 6am. We then pray, with that verse at 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. At 6pm, we break our fast and join together for a Bible Study at 7.30pm. We share our experience of fasting together during night prayer at 8.30pm.

Our fast is dedicated to the earth, to the people who are protesting in the Just Stop Oil campaign and for the situation in Ukraine.

Contact is Jo Ind

The Vigil & Fast in Bournville Birmingham

Saturday the 12th of March 11am - 2pm

Hosted by Extinction Rebellion Quakers


Lent Bible Verses About Protecting the Environment - PDF file

Prayer and Fasting Notes War and Peace - PDF file

Prayer and Fasting Schedule Wednesday Vigil - PDF file