There are two elements to our action in March - you might want to be involved in the vigil, the fast, or both.

Our Vigil

Our main vigil will take place outside Parliament Square in London. We will begin at midday on Sunday the 6th of March, and a group of us will be present at all times during the day and night until Sunday the 20th of March. We may continue past this time if people are willing.

To take part in the vigil you can just turn up at any point during this time and stay for an hour or for as long as you want. We vigil by simply sitting quietly together on the wide pavement, and holding the Earth in our hearts. We will have someone in a hi-viz jacket to answer any questions from members of the public, and to hand out leaflets about what we’re doing. Do bring a fold-up chair or cushion and suitable clothes for the weather. You might also be willing to make a commitment to be there for a certain amount of time, by signing up for our rota - this would be helpful to us especially during the nights as we intend to have a few people present at all times. We have carried out a previous vigil outside Parliament and have found it to be a safe area during the night, but if you have any concerns about safety please only do what feels right. Do bring a friend!

If you are willing to set up small vigils in your local areas, please do get in touch:

Read more about the practicalities of vigilling here.

Our Fast

You can either combine fasting with vigilling, or fast from wherever you are in the country or world. We are asking people to limit their fasts to 24 hours only, to keep things simple medically. A hunger strike taking place outside Parliament is being organised by a separate group - if you’d like to learn more about this, let us know.

The simplest way to fast for 24 hours is to stop eating dinner, and to eat nothing until dinner the next night. Do make sure you drink plenty of fluids and if you feel ill for any reason, don’t feel any obligation to continue. We don’t advise people to fast if they have any history of eating disorders. If in any doubt at all, please consult a doctor. As a group we are unable to take responsibility for the wellbeing of anyone fasting as a part of this action.

As you fast you might want to reflect on how it might be to not have enough to eat, or you could see the fast as a spiritual discipline. Please do talk to others about what you’re doing and why, and share what you’re doing on your social media. You could do one or more fasts during the fortnight from the 6th of March - many of us will be doing this on Tuesdays.

Here's a link to our fast rota.