What do I need to bring?

The most important thing is to bring whatever you need in order to feel comfortable. We will sit on the wide pavement outside Parliament facing Parliament Square. You might want a fold-up chair or stool, or a cushion to sit on the floor - the railings behind us aren’t very comfortable to lean against. Do bring plenty of clothes - it gets cold when you’ve been sitting in one place for a while in March, especially if you’re doing a night shift. Don’t forget to check the weather and bring waterproofs if necessary. Sleeping bags aren’t allowed but you can bring a warm blanket or shiny insulation blanket. There are coffee shops nearby or you could bring a flask of coffee and food. There are toilets in the nearby tube station, Westminster, and if these are shut there are pubs and coffee shops nearby.

What should I do when I turn up?

Look for the person wearing a hi-viz vest and introduce yourself - they’ll help welcome you and answer any questions you have. Do feel free to turn up at any time - no need to let us know. The more the merrier!

As long as you aren’t obstructing people when you sit in vigil, you have a legal right to protest and you should have no issue with the police.

Do I have to have done anything like this before? Do I have to be a member of another activist group to attend?

Definitely not! All are welcome, especially those who haven’t joined actions before. Do I have to be religious/good at meditating to attend? Definitely not! All are welcome. If you struggle to sit still for long periods, do shorter sits and maybe some slow walking around Parliament Square. Do bring a fold-up chair and/or cushions if you want to be more comfortable.

How can I help?

Apart from organising local vigils, do let people know about us by sharing this website or our Facebook invite (link). The power of these actions always depends on whether they are talked about or not. If you feel inspired by Earth Vigils, talk to people and share photos etc. on social media.

Do I have to sign up to the vigil or fast?

No. If you are able to commit to being at the vigil for a particular time, especially if you’re willing to do some of a night shift, then it would help us a lot if you sign up to the vigil rota but it’s not compulsory and you’re free to just turn up whenever you want - we’ll be on the pavement outside Parliament opposite Parliament Square. There’s also no need to sign up to the fast rota but if you’d like to know who’s fasting alongside you and get email updates, please do. Your emails will only be used for updates about the vigil and fast by members of the BFFT team.

More information.

Here’s a ‘starter pack’ from another vigil a couple of our members organised in 2019 for the faith members of Extinction Rebellion - you might find some useful information in here, especially if you’re hoping to organise a smaller local vigil during the same period (even an hour’s local vigil would make an impact!).