The Vigil & Fast will begin on the 6th of March 2022

JOIN US for an hour or more of silent vigil, or carry out a 24 hour fast, and SPEAK UP against fossil fuels.

Welcome. Our Earth is in peril and millions are already suffering as a result of the climate crisis. As our world heats up, the UK government is pouring £10 billion a year into the fossil fuel industry. We need to move beyond our addiction to fossil fuels NOW with an immediate end to new oil exploration and licences, and to fossil fuel subsidies. Will you come together with us and speak up on behalf of our planet?

Beyond Fossil Fuels Together are a group of concerned individuals who are organising both a two week 24 hour vigil and a series of 24 hour fasts. Anyone can take part - find out more by clicking on the links. We are especially hoping to bring different groups and individuals TOGETHER to vigil and fast alongside each other - despite our philosophical, religious, political or ideological differences, we all live together on this ailing planet, and we all have children or care about young people who will suffer through the worst of the climate emergency. We may also have links with people in the Global South where communities are already suffering terribly as a result of the West’s excesses.

Read more about why we need to act urgently, read about what we are planning, and then help us by signing up to our vigil rota between the 6th and the 20th of March, committing to fast for 24 hours during this period, or getting in touch with us if you’d like to help in some other way - We look forward to hearing from you.

Please do invite your friends and colleagues to this event - the more people the better! - and we hope to see you in March!

Here's a link to our vigil rota.

And a link to our fast rota.

Do you want to vigil or fast with us?

We are delighted if you can hold vigil / fast with us in London or where you are - in your own locality. There is no necessity for you to sign up on our vigil and fast rotas you can just turn up and join us for whatever time you have available. If you are sure you can be with us for a stretch of a few hours, or overnight, then signing up on the rota will help us know we have cover do we can then find people to fill the gaps. Do join our WhatsApp group at the top of this page to be in touch with us and other vigillers / fasters. If you are keeping your own vigil and / or fast where you are with others in your local area then we would love you to tell us about it. Do be sure to bring waterproof clothes and a camping chair if you want / need one.